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FWSRAFWSRA is the Federal Way Soccer Referees AssociationFederal Way Soccer Referees Association (FWSRA) a non-profit 501(c) 4 organization. FWSRA is affiliated with the Washington State Soccer Referee Committee (SRC), and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). The purpose of the FWSRA is to:

  • Provide competent officials for organized soccer matches that FWSRA agrees to assign;
  • Represent, control, promote and teach soccer refereeing in the communities we serve;
  • Uphold the rules set forth by the organization which FWSRA chooses to serve and their designated affiliated associations;
  • Maintain a roster of all soccer referees, assignors, instructors, and assessors in FWSRA that are appropriately registered for the organizations FWSRA serves;
  • Unite all persons interested in soccer refereeing and who choose to affiliate with FWSRA;
  • Represent and protect the interests of all soccer referees in FWSRA;
  • Provide ways and means for the members to improve the quality of soccer refereeing through activities planned to inspire, educate, and elevate the participants;
  • Encourage a spirit of pride, unity, and cooperation within all ranks of soccer refereeing.